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    Mock Server

    Use this URL to access a mockup of the API server. Your traffic will be recorded and compared to the documentation. You'll find your traffic analysis in the inspector or directly here in the documentation, right next to each resource.

Futurelytics API Documentation

Welcome to the Futurelytics API documentation.


The following is a RFM analysis resource. The service requires basic access authentication. Please contact us at and we'll provide you with user name and password.

RFM Properties:

  • dateFromat (string, required): Defines transaction date format (e.g. yyyy-MM-dd)
  • dataItems (2d array of strings, required): Array of elements to be processed. Each element contain three strings that represents: customer id, transaction date, amount.
  • businessDate (string, optional): Compute analysis on this date. If the parameter is omitted, the analysis is calculated on current date. Parameter must be in the format specified in dateFormat parameter.
  • segmentName (string, optional): Return only specific customer segment. Available segment names: bestCustomer, bigSpender, churnedCustomer, loyalCustomer, newCustomer, oneTimeBuyer, vip



Perform RFM analysis. Return list of scored customers or specific customer segment.


200 (OK)
Content-Type: application/json